Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Paper View

When it comes to proper social etiquette, we’ve really gotten lazy. Sloppy. And ill-mannered. And by “we” we mean everyone else, of course. Birthday parties are announced with an Evite. […]

Fashion First

Whether you prefer tops or bottoms, versatility is the name of the game when it comes to dressing up for our hot list of happenings. For cheap pizza, all it […]

Dive In Dollar Menu

Fresh fish and a land-locked city don’t necessarily go hand in hand. So it’s no wonder that word spreads quickly when sushi lovers find a raw, sweet spot. But as […]

Shopping For Shut-Ins

The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and an affordably priced, great-fitting men’s suit: three things that all reportedly exist, but no one can prove it – until now. For guys, suit […]

Red, Whites And Bleu

When it comes to dining in Dallas, we tend to be a cynical bunch. But throw the word “wine” in the name of your restaurant and we’re guaranteed to try […]

Take A Broc On The Wild Side

Day after day, we devote our little corner of cyberspace to the trendiest products, services and entertainment. So what a surprise when we were walking through the produce department and […]

Madonna Mia

August 16, 2008, will mark 50 years since the high priestess of homos, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Ritchie, popped out of her Madonna-mama and into the limelight. And unlike other […]

We Don’t Need Another Gyro

If you want to take a trip to the sun-soaked hills of Greece, you can buy a $1,200 ticket to Athens (plus $100 to transfer all your toga-filled luggage). Or […]

Suck It, Tyra! Daytime TV’s Got A New Diva

Known for her tell-it-like-it is persona, famed radio show hostess and best-selling author Wendy Williams has thrown her tiara into the TV talk show ring with “The Wendy Williams Show.” […]

Like A Candle In The Wind, um, Ear?

A childhood viewing of Jaws has kept us out of the water for years, and not just the ocean either, because we have a suspicion that the whole “salt water […]