Put Some Gay In Your Day!

‘Tis The Season Of Love

Valentine’s Day approaches like an evil flying baby on a mission to spread schmaltz and heart-shaped nonsense throughout the land. But that’s simply our super-romantic perspective. There’s an event this […]

Queen For Several Days

Another week, another live reality-style competition show at a gayborhood bar. Not that we’re complaining! Tonight, The Showdown returns for Round II at The Round-Up, pitting 12 contestants against each other over […]

Hitting The High Notes

Got five minutes? Then watch the video below to meet the cast and learn everything you need to know about the national touring production of the super-gay Falsettos, coming February […]

Athletes On Parade

We love watching football. Actually, we should clarify. Not the sport, but the actual football being held by that hunky mound of muscles in the photo above. The way his bicep gently […]

Brunch Of The Week: Coffee, Tea Or Mimosas?

We wouldn’t dream of recommending brunch at most coffee places. Then again, Ascension Coffee isn’t most coffee places. Unlike a certain national chain that features heat-and-serve food, Ascension locations have legit kitchens and downright […]

Oak Lawn’s Got Talent

Is a reality TV competition really real if you’re not there to see it? Deep, huh? Well, if you’re more of a seeing-is-believing type, head over to Sue Ellen’s tonight […]

The Joy Of Socks

Sometimes it’s the simplest of gestures that make the biggest difference. Like a twink on Grindr telling us “You look great for being old.” Melts our heart every time. But […]

Painting With A (Naked) Twist

Are you the next Pablo Peencaso? Perhaps you fancy yourself more of a Vincent Van Gonad. Or Rimbrandt if you’re feeling extra kinky (and up-to-date on your shots). Unleash any […]

ABBA-solutely Fabulous

Is it possible to ever have too much ABBA? The answer, of course, will always be, “NEVER!” Tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Finnish vocal group […]