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The Men In The Mirror

The buzz at the Sundance Film Festival was so loud, we think we can still hear it.

That’s because the hot-button topic of Michael Jackson was back in the spotlight with Finding Neverland, a documentary detailing the two separate experiences of young boys who spent time with the King of Pop at his sprawling estate.

Tomorrow night, HBO presents the two-part film that features in-depth interviews with James Safechuck (40) and Wade Robson (36) about their experiences when they were 10 and 7, respectively.

There will always be controversy and doubt over what really happened because it’s always been a case of he said/he said, but it’s difficult to not believe the throngs of accusers who have such similar stories.

Even if you’ve long since made up your mind about Michael Jackson’s guilt or innocence, getting a glimpse into the goings-on at Neverland Ranch will always fascinate us. And here we get a healthy dose of behind-the-scenes footage over the course of the nearly four-hour documentary.

We just hope the men who’ve come forward to share their experiences get some closure and peace now that their stories are out there in a more public way.

Because not every Hollywood story has a happy ending.

Leaving Neverland
Premieres on HBO Sunday March 3

Photo: Aaron Lambert, Associated Press



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