Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Underwear Of The Month: All You Need Is…

Forget roses, chocolate, and champagne. (Ok, maybe keep the bubbly in the mix.) The truest way to our heart is through our pants.

Because we LOVE sexy underwear. 

We know we’re not alone, so if you want to score (and score points) this Valentine’s Day, you should check out the massive Project Love Collection from Andrew Christian.

Not only do they offer several fun and sexy styles (including pride colors and see-thru fabric) in briefs, boxers, jocks, and thongs, you can make a $1 donation with every Project Love purchase with proceeds benefiting your choice of several LGBTQ charities.

Whether purchasing for yourself or the object of your adoration, you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel the love

And hopefully a bulge.

Andrew Christian Project Love Collection
From $16

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian



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