The Opposite Of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme


Doing good feels great.

Whether it’s as simple as smiling at a surly cashier at Taco Bell or forking over hundreds to a worthwhile cause, nothing compares to generosity.

Each year we write about North Texas Giving Day and, you guessed it, 2018 is no different. It all takes place on Thursday for an 18-hour spree of giving a little—or a lot—to your favorite nonprofit. Several LGBT organizations round out the list again this year, alongside charities that benefit pets, the arts, veterans, really anything that deserves some much-needed funding.

Last year, more than $39 million was raised on North Texas Giving Day and with everyone’s help, we can get that number even higher this year.

So we implore you to give ’til it hurts.

Or at least makes your nipples tingle.

North Texas Giving Day
Thursday, September 20
Schedule an advance donation now (or set a calendar alert for 9/20!)



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