Brunch Of The Week: Arly To Rise


Other cities need love, too.

That’s why we’ve been mixing in awesome places for brunch with our regular Dallas coverage. This week, we travel to Arlington for some kick-ass Benedicts—always the right way to start a Sunday at Six Flags. Or one of those buildings where sports happen.

Mac’s Bar & Grill delights Arlington residents and visitors the same way sibling Mac’s on Main has been wowing those in Grapevine. The locally owned restaurant welcomes diners with a casual vibe that seems almost in contradiction of the high-quality brunch dishes.

As we mentioned before, Benedicts rule the roost with options that include traditional, crab (pictured above), filet mignon, Canadian bacon and spinach, grilled tomato and bacon, as well as good ol’ southern-style sausage.

Every brunch entrée, including the non-Benedict ones such as migas and omelettes, comes with a visit to the well-stocked fruit bar. But don’t worry about things being too healthy here. The fruit bar also features hot, mini cinnamon rolls that they bake in-house.

However, don’t eat too many before you get on the Shock Wave—something we may or may not have learned the hard way.

Mac’s Bar & Grill Brunch
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
6077 Interstate 20 West, Arlington

Food photo by Steven Lindsey



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