Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Super-Talented, S.O.B.

Apple Music, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

Or not. Let’s just focus on one.

For music lovers, what’s better than waking up to an alert that a new album has been released from a favorite artist—AND you can download it for free that very second? Man, sometimes technology really wins.

Yesterday was the big release of Jake Shears’ first solo album since the breakup of Scissor Sisters and we’re so grateful to have his joyful sound back in our house. And car. And while prancing around the locker room like a peacock.

His self-titled album clocks in at a mere 45 minutes, but when listened to on a loop like we did, three hours passes pretty quickly.

His latest video (above) gets right to the heart of his flamboyant persona: that luxurious, bushy, retro-gay mustache while perfectly encapsulating the vibe of the entire album. You’ll hear echoes of Scissor Sisters in every song, but how could you not?

Each track has a super-seductive playfulness, even the occasional low-tempo ones. But we love the raucous, feel-good, sex-positive lyrics that had us humming before ever finishing a song one time through. That goes triple for our favorite track on the entire album, “S.O.B.”, which stands for Sex on the Brain.

Kind of gets right to the heart of our flamboyant persona.

Jake Shears, Jake Shears
Now available for streaming, downloads, and purchase

Photo via jakeshears.com



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