Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Blasphemy A-Go-Go

If you’re a particularly pious person, perhaps this puppet play’s perilous.

But if you love a good skewering of organized religion like we do, Hand to God at WaterTower Theatre in Addison is just what you need. Not only does the show feature foul-mouthed puppets, the production is a fully immersive experience. You pick your seat then sit back and enjoy the action unfold around you.

The regional premiere of the show that took Broadway by storm follows a young man in Texas and the havoc-wreaking that occurs when Tyrone, a puppet from his church’s puppet ministry, becomes possibly possessed. Exposing hypocrisy left and right, Tyrone’s suddenly sadistic and sardonic ways will evoke plenty of laughter—and maybe impart a lesson or two along the way.

Best of all, when you show up early to snag your seats, you can grab a cocktail from the bar and have a little arts-and-crafts sesh to create a sock puppet of your very own.

As evil as you want it to be, too.

Hand to God
by Robert Askins
Regional Premiere
Shows tonight through August 26
Tickets: $35 to $45

WaterTower Theatre
15650 Addison Road, Addison

Photo by Evan Michael Woods



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