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Liberty, LeBron & The Facts of Life

Gather ye, one to another and let us join our hearts in prayer for these concerns.

Liberty. Christians, Rejoice! That mighty midget of the faith, Brother Jeff Sessions, has proclaimed spiritual warfare in this land and is making it a governmental matter by forming a religious liberty task force. As we all know, no one has been more persecuted than white Christian men at First Babatist Churches across out land. Now, under this task force, their unilateral interpretation of scripture will be protected at all costs. You may say, “But Sister Helen, doesn’t this protect ALL religious liberty?” Brothers and Sisters, I am truly taking a wait-and-see attitude here. But let’s face it……we all know that Babatists are the only people going to heaven, so I just don’t see too many Methodists and Episcopalians getting protection guaranteed here. And don’t get me STARTED on Jews, Mormons and Muslims! Help us, Lord.

LeBron. I have come to the conclusion that the leader of our country is not fond of those of a different skin color. His repeated diatribes against assorted black people has become impossible to miss. Oddly enough, his “go to” insults come cloaked in the guise of lesser intelligence. He was mystified that Brother Obama was intelligent enough for Harvard. He proclaimed Sister Maxine Waters as having a low IQ. Now he calls into question the wisdom of a black sports figure and black newsman, claiming that Lebron James’ interviewer, Don Lemon, actually made LeBron look smart. Brothers and Sisters, let us reflect. If our leader is disdaining based on skin color, he must think he’s surrounded by idiots, since no one I know has skin quite as rusty as his. Secondly, the President regarding others as “dumb” REALLY sets the bar rather low. Amen?

The Facts of Life. Finally, we must take the good and take the bad. Let us bow our heads in an attitude of remembrance for a beloved television figure who has passed on. Sister Charlotte R. Lubotsky, famed Jew, left this earth over the weekend. Perhaps you’re more familiar with her more simplified name, Charlotte Rae. Sister Charlotte had quite a career as a singer, an actress and comedienne. But her television fame rose to meteoric stature as a girl’s school housemother on THE FACTS OF LIFE. As the kindly Mrs. Garrett, she offered acceptance (storylines) to Tootie, comfort (food) to Natalie, education (sex) to Blair, and a home (depot) to Jo. May her memory be blessing. And may there always be a vocal wobble whenever you hear someone call for her “GIIIRRRLLLS”! Let us pray.



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