Just Sit Right Back And You’ll Hear A Tale


No phone.

No lights.

No motor car.

Not a single luxury.

Damn if nearly every primitive-as-can-be lyric of the Gilligan’s Island theme song perfectly describes Castawayspremiering tonight on ABC. A mixture of Survivor and Lost, the show finds each of 12 contestants stranded alone on their own island, unaware of how many other people are also part of the show. If and when they discover they’re not completely alone, they must decide whether or not to join forces or stick it out on their own.

The Lost element comes in with flashbacks of the contestants’ lives at home. Some of these people are struggling with real doozies in their actual realities, which makes their tropical struggles so much more compelling. And raises the stakes even higher.

Gilligan would be totally screwed.

Premieres tonight on ABC


Photo courtesy of ABC



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