Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Refusal, Refusal, Refusal

I refuse to be silent on the refusals at work in our land.

Refusal. In another communique from the SCROTUM, er SCOTUS, the high court has refused to take on the case of a florist who refused to do flowers for a same-sex wedding. Brothers and Sisters, let us pause here for reflection. First of all, a cook won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding. Next, a florist won’t do flowers for a gay wedding. When does a hairdresser refuse to do hair for a gay wedding or a Baptist church music director refuse to sing at a gay wedding? (Only lifelong Baptists will truly appreciate that slip-in.) Dost thou not see the irony here? I think the sodomites involved ought to be recognized for their unique ability to find the ONE non-stereotypical business-people in their respective towns. Glory!

Refusal. We need to say grace. One of Lexington, Virginia’s finer dining establishments, The Red Hen, was recently graced with the dining presence of Sister Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The Red Hen owner, a patriot of passion and follower of newsfeeds, felt that she could not, in good conscience, have Sister SHS’ presence in the eatery. After all, there were several sodomites who worked at the establishment (WHAT??) and it was deemed that her presence was offensive to them for her part in supporting the current administration. Consequently, Sister Sarah was refused service and asked to leave. I’m not sure how I feel about this. After all, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for the sin of inhospitality. No, I believe that the wiser move would have been to serve her dinner and have the staff sing show tunes at her table while trying to do SOMETHING with that hair! Praise!

Refusal. Speaking of hospitality, Sister Maxine Waters has issued a proclamation of unwelcoming. In light of the recent court decisions regarding service refusals, she has urged her constituents to confront any current members of the Brother Trump’s Cabinet when seen in public places. Confront them for being a part of the hatred of this administration, allegedly. Cause a scene, basically. Now personally, I’m not sure I want to confront Sister DeVos in a school cafeteria, but I digress. As a result, Brother Trump has twitterfied that Ms. Waters is a woman of low IQ. I don’t know about you, but that kind of judgment is like Ray Charles saying that Stevie Wonder can’t see straight. Tweet Tweet!



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