Put Some Gay In Your Day!

An Explosion Of Love

The timer ticks. Heartbeats accelerate. Then, the bomb goes off.


Fortunately, in this case we’re not talking about a weapon of mass destruction, but a kinder, gentler, more socially conscious QueerBomb. And it’s set to detonate this weekend at Main Street Garden in downtown Dallas with an explosion of positivity and inclusiveness.

Because Dallas celebrates Pride in September, our community often looks for ways to mark the national Pride celebrations each June—and this is one of the best. Think of it as a pride parade without all the corporate presence. Sure, we love supporting businesses that support us, but it’s nice to get back to a more grassroots vibe and really connect to actual people, not logos.

As a matter of fact, this entire shebang is funded through donations, so even if you can’t attend, consider throwing a few bucks their way at gofundme.com.

Then gather all your friends, make signs, put together costumes, practice playing your instruments, and place that Amazon Prime order today for as many rainbow flags as you can handle because downtown Dallas gets a whole lot more queer starting at 7:00 p.m. Saturday.

There will be music, entertainment, speakers and an epic level of excitement during an evening that culminates with a grand procession through the heart of Dallas at sunset.

It’s going to be the fiercest bomb squad ever.

2018 QueerBomb
Saturday, June 30
7:00 p.m. Meet at Main Street Garden (DJ Wylie spinning)
7:45 p.m. Big D Pride Rally with local entertainers and speakers
Sunset: Grand procession through downtown
Admission: Free, but please donate at gofundme.com

Main Street Garden
1902 Main Street, Dallas



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