Brunch Of The Week: We’ve Got Your Number


We came for the West End girls, we stayed for the chicken fried steak and eggs.

– Pet Shop Boys, 2018

Funny enough, that was our same experience when we sashayed into 3Eleven Kitchen & Cocktails last weekend. Except we were looking for West End guys.

The chicken fried steak thing holds true, however.

Once the city’s hottest entertainment district, Dallas’ West End Historic District fell out of favor when other shiny new destinations popped up, but thanks to businesses like 3Eleven, this downtown area is back in a big way and still growing stronger. And lots of foot traffic from both locals and visitors to nearby JFK attractions bring an energetic vibe.

And speaking of JFK, you’ll find nods to our 35th president everywhere from the decor to the names of dishes and drinks on the menu.

The recently launched brunch menu features a tight selection of delightful dishes, including a kick-ass chicken fried steak with eggs and biscuits. When you put CFS on a menu in Dallas, it better be good and this one shines bright like a chicken-fried diamond.

All the brunch options are top-notch, though. The TX omelet (pictured) can be filled with a variety of proteins, including chicken, steak, shrimp, salmon or beef bacon. You can also get it loaded with veggies for a healthier option.

For those with a sweet tooth, housemade doughnuts or a large platter of sourdough French toast will more than satisfy.

Of course, you know us, we prefer to get our carb calories from cocktails, which are among the most creative in town thanks to interesting flavor combinations, dramatic glassware and plenty of smoke. Mimosas can be had for a steal, but you can upgrade to a split of prosecco for $7 and make your own with a side of fresh juice.

For those into Bloody Marys, beware the Kitchen Sink. If you like your cocktails spicy and filled with everything from bleu cheese to bacon, you’ll be in heaven. If you prefer your Bloodys a little simpler, make sure you specify when ordering.

Other than that, there are no surprises. Except maybe how awesome this place really is.

3Eleven Kitchen & Cocktails
Weekend Brunch
Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
311 North Market Street #100 Dallas

Food photo courtesy 3Eleven Kitchen & Cocktails



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