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A Six-Pack Of Sex Tips

Summer always has a way of sneaking up on us.

Every January we pledge that THIS will be the year we finally get that rock-hard swimsuit body we’ve always drooled over dreamed of. Yet every June, we end up having to look at our nude bods in the mirror from a great distance. Sideways. With one eye closed.

Well, no matter what state your body happens to be in this season of heat and exposed skin, adorable personal trainer Branden Hayward (pictured) has some help. Not only does he have some quick workout and diet tips, they’re also designed for better sex.

Along with a little help from his ratchet-drag alter ego, Wanda, he goes step-by-step in two minutes or less. He currently offers six titles including Be a Dynamite Top; Be the Best Bottom on the Block; Get a Rockin’ Rack; Get a Flat Stomach, Fast; Be a Gorilla in No Time Flatand Power through Your Workout Plateau.

His free videos make diet and exercise easy with achievable goals that anyone can handle. But most of all, they’re just silly fun.

Plus, they always feature a nearly naked Branden, which is motivation enough for us.

6 Gym/Diet Hacks for Better Sex
Starring Branden Hayward
Free and all available now


Check out the first episode here:

Photo by Alex Marshall 



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