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Every family has its quirks.

And then there’s the family in HIR (pronounced here)

Quirky barely begins to describe the Connors, a brood experiencing all sorts of drama just as soldier Isaac returns home after being dishonorably discharged. Among the shocking changes in his three-year absence, his sister Max is transitioning to become his brother. Following a stroke, his dad does nothing but sit on the sofa in a nightgown and full makeup. And his mom has completely given up on maintaining the household, not to mention coming to terms with what’s happening around her.

The wild comedy from playwright Taylor Mac, who simply identifies by the gender-neutral pronoun, judy, is much-celebrated in New York City. So is HIR, which has its regional premiere at Stage West. Previews kick off Thursday and Friday before the full five-week production run.

Not only will HIR probably make you feel better about your own dysfunctional family, it’ll literally make you LOL.

May 17 to June 17

Tickets: $17 to $35
Stage West
821/823 West Vickery Boulevard, Fort Worth

Photo by: Evan Michael Woods



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