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Underwear Of The Month: Check Out His Wood

It’s ok to stare.

Heck, we’ve been sitting here looking at these underwear images with a blank screen now for hours. Nothing worse than voyeur’s block.

But enough about our creeper ways.

One of our favorite brands at He Said Magazine is Wood Underwear, which we featured for the first time way back in 2012, then again in 2014. Well, it’s time once again to sport some Wood—morning, noon or night.

Their spring/summer 2018 collection just hit the Interwebs and it’s very graphic.

Designs include Blitz, Crosscut and Junction. Geometric shapes and lines of purple (and sometimes green) pop from light grey fabric for visually appealing—and spectacularly sexy—underwear. The new designs can be found in hip briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and a single thong for those who don’t want lines under their shorts or jeans.
Best of all, Wood Underwear hooked us up with three underwear prize packs valued at $100 each. Simply fill out the quick, easy entry form and if you win, we’ll contact you for your waist size and shipping address.

After all, what man doesn’t like kicking off summer with some new styles for the old underwear drawer?

Wood Underwear
Spring/Summer 2018 collection out now
$20 to $28



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