Put Some Gay In Your Day!

All Dressed Up & Somewhere To Go

We still have PTSD from slow-dancing with girls at our high school prom.

What we wouldn’t have given for the chance to embrace another guy on the dance floor, but things weren’t as gay-friendly in our formative years as they are now.

That’s why we’re so excited for all the tweens and teens (12-18) who have the amazing opportunity to attend the Pride Ball Prom next Friday, April 27. Presented by Youth First and Cathedral of Hope, the second-annual dance features all the highlights of a traditional prom, but with a full-on LGBT angle.

So if you fall into that age group or know someone who does, this is the chance to make life-long memories. In addition to dancing, food and a photo booth, Pride Ball features the nomination and crowning of Prom King, Queen and In-Between!

The event is free, but everyone must register in advance.

We’ll be at home doing old-people things, but at least we’ll be able to spike our own punch bowl.

Pride Ball Prom
Friday, April 27
7:00 to 11:00 p.m.
Resource Center
5750 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas



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