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Brunch Of The Week: Wherever You May Rome

We haven’t been to Italy in over a decade. Sad, but true.

Yet every once in a while we have a bite of food that immediately transports us back to the streets of Rome. (Or the dark side alleys of Florence, but that’s another story.)

This past weekend, we were invited to try out the brunch at Crudo, a new Italian restaurant in Preston Center. Before we even ordered our first dish, they set out hot, fresh focaccia and boom!, we were sitting beside the Trevi Fountain (where we often did the majority of our bread eating).

Once our many entrées hit the table, however, the transformative experience was even greater. Most of the dishes have an Italian accent, whether it’s the pancetta frittata, the shrimp, crab and mascarpone omelet or the prosciutto-studded eggs Florentine atop polenta and spinach with a tomato hollandaise.

But then the brunch menu takes a sharp turn to the south (of the USA) thanks to chef Javier Perez‘s Mexican heritage. Crab cake Benedict (pictured) features a lightly spicy jalapeño hollandaise. The ribeye omelet gets a kick from chorizo.

Perhaps most surprisingly of all, chicken chilaquiles make an appearance. And we must say, they’re possibly the best chilaquiles we’ve had in Dallas, Italian theme of this review be damned!

Cocktails are excellent for the most part, although our Bloody Mary was waaaay too spicy to drink (so maybe ask for a taste of the homemade mix before ordering). And instead of the usual mimosas, we opted to have wine pairings with each course.

Because that’s so much more European.

Crudo Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
8411 Preston Road #132, Dallas
Valet out front, or plenty of free parking in the parking garages




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