Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Presidents, Protests & Pages

I have been agog at our world around us.  I hope you’ll ponder these things with me this week.

Presidents.  I don’t believe in anything spooky or out of line with my Christian faith, but I can’t help but feeling that Brother Richard Nixon is spinning in his grave right now (which would be good, as he needed the exercise, but I digress).  Suddenly, legal actions involving our current President are making Brother Dick’s past legal issues appear elementary.  Now that the FBI has raided Donny’s lawyer’s office, things are taking a nasty turn.  As we all turn our attention to these shenanigans, I find myself wanting to embark on ANOTHER un-Christian activity.  Gambling!  I suggest we take bets on how long it takes for Donny to fire the FBI director.  I’m in for a dollar at one week.  Anyone?

Protests.  The Great State of Oklahoma is suffering under an educational blackout as teachers across that state have walked out on the job and are protesting lack of pay and lack of funds for schools.  Isn’t that just silly?  All teachers do is sit with your children while you’re at work, shape their world views, teach them everything from A to Z, make sure they are prepared for college and impact their lives in ways second only to you.  Why should they get any more money??  Surely their work isn’t as important as a professional golfer, oil tycoon or convicted money manager!  We need to pray.

Pages.  I try to keep a presence on the interwebs in order to spread my ministry and admonishments.  Chiefly, I have a page on the Faceplace.  Many are now concerned that Brother Zuckerberg, famed Hebrew Honcho, allowed Russian hackers to access many of our accounts.  Let me testify here and now that I hope some Soviet DID access my account.  Those people need Jesus.  Hallelujah!



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