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How To Get An Easy Summer 4-Pack

We have the same goal every swimsuit season: Get a six-pack before we hit the pool. It’s an easy thing to achieve, really, especially when a 12-pack doesn’t cost that much more.

Yes, what we lack in abs every summer, we make up for in a well-stocked ice chest.

This year, however, we’ve lowered our goal slightly and only wish to attain a solid 4-pack before we flash our bods to our nearest and dearest (and a few unsuspecting people in the general public).

That’s why instead of our usual rows and rows of beer, Texas-based Messina Hof wines have taken over our fridge. The Texas winery recently released two of their most popular styles in sleek cans you can take anywhere, ideal for places where glass isn’t allowed.

We asked the good folks at Messina Hof to send us a 4-pack of the rosé to sample. (Beau, their super-popular sweet red wine, also comes in cans now, too.)

We invited friends over and the dry rosé was a huge hit. It’s crisp, clean, lightly fruity and something we know we can enjoy all summer long.

You can order the cans online or at their Grapevine winery location, and they’ll be rolling out to more local liquor stores and wine shops in the coming months. The wine retails for $20 for four 250ml cans (equivalent to a full 1-liter bottle if you can’t be bothered to do the math).

We predict a Messina Hof-filled summer of picnics, pool parties and pow-wows all over Texas.

Now we’re off to get a bag of Cheetos. You know, so we can get in some crunches.

Messina Hof 4-pack Rosé & Sweet Red 
$20/4-pack 250ml cans
Available in stores throughout North Texas

Messina Hof image courtesy of Messina Hof



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