Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Growing Pains (The Gay Kind)

Kids have many gay role models to choose from these days.

But very few gay kid role models.

Well, that all changes with this Thursday’s premiere of Champions, a new sitcom from Mindy Kaling. The story focuses on two brothers, one of whom gets surprised with a 15-year-old gay son he never knew he had and now has to raise in their bachelor pad.

Boom. Glittered mic drop.

J.J. Totah (above, center) plays the 15-year-old and much like his character on Glee, he’s one flamboyant queen. It’s going to be a tough sell for people who like their gays a little less nelly, but we for one applaud this bold endeavor and think it’s fantastic that a child can be himself.

In times like these, we’ll take flamin’ over Cheetos any day.

Premieres on NBC Thursday, March 8


Image: nbc.com



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