Here, Kiddie Kiddie!


Remember how fun it was to sit and watch Sesame Street before school? Or Schoolhouse Rock! on weekends?

(Yes, we know we’re dating ourselves.)

As adults, one of the things we miss most might be waking up with a feeling of positivity and a spring in our step while singing a song about the alphabet, how a bill becomes law, or why penis size doesn’t matter.

That last topic is the focus of the first episode of a hilarious new online kids-style show for adults: The Birds and the BS with Jordan Roth. Featuring animation, puppets and catchy songs, the not-safe-for-kindergartners show has debuted its first episode, which is all about Trump’s tiny hands and what that implies.

Celebrity guests join the adorable Roth in animated form and we simply can’t stop smiling after watching the debut. We can’t wait to see what topics the pony-tailed host tackles next.

Watch the entire premiere episode here, then subscribe so you’ll be able to watch the next one as soon as it’s released.

We promise it’s so much more fun than fantasizing about what Ernie and Bert do behind closed doors.

Well, equally fun if you have a vivid imagination.

The Birds and the BS with Jordan Roth
Watch and subscribe at youtube.com



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