Brunch Of The Week: Wake Up & Smell The Tacos


Some people like to turn over in bed and see someone special lying next to them.

Other people like to turn over and see a note taped to the pillow that says “Meet me for tacos.”

Our preference falls somewhere between the two—with a heavy lean toward the taco scenario.

Well, Dallas, we now have a new location on Greenville Avenue of one of our city’s greatest fast-casual concepts: Velvet Taco. Not only do they have some of the most imaginative tortillas-wrapped-around-something creations in the business, they have a trio of frittata brunch tacos available All. Damn. Day!

Of course, being brunch and all that, by definition you should throw in some non-egg tacos for good measure. One for sure should be the #3 spicy chicken tikka taco. And the other, a #12 slow-roasted Angus brisket taco, which comes in a crispy cheese-encrusted tortilla.

Add a frozen margarita and some delicious-despite-how-insane-it-sounds queso laced with red curry and coconut, and you have yourself an international feast for brunch—whatever time of day (or day of the week) you want that to be.

Velvet Taco 
Brunch, open to close daily
Multiple locations

#19 Bacon & egg frittata

#21 Barbacoa & egg frittata

#20 Roast pork & egg frittata

Images courtesy of Velvet Taco



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