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It’s been way too long since we’ve been without a TV series from the talented, provocative, gay writer/director/producer Alan Ball. We lived for Six Feet Under and (most of) True Blood.

Tomorrow night, his latest debuts and once again he’s taking us deep into an interesting world. In Here And Now, viewers will be treated to a wonderfully diverse multi-ethnic family headed up by Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter. With three adopted children from Vietnam, Liberia and Columbia, plus a biological daughter, there’s plenty of identity-related issues to explore. Not to mention prejudice.

There are gay characters, plus what might be a television first—a transgender Muslim child.

A supernatural element brings a bit of that old Six Feet Under and True Blood vibe, too, even if it’s not clear whether it’s truly supernatural or just someone’s mind playing tricks.

Either way, we’re completely hooked.

Here And Now
Premieres Sunday, February 11


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