Brunch Of The Week: Knox, Knox. We’re There!


If you want your baby back, baby back, baby back, you’re out of luck on Knox Street.

But if you want something waaaaay better than what was served in the former Chili’s it occupies, try Up on Knox this weekend. Not only is the space amazingly cool—and completely free of the chain-restaurant ghosts of its past—brunch here is one of our favorites of the past several months.

For starters, it’s a nice long one. (And we love a nice long one.) It runs Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., so you can rise with the roosters or sleep off that hangover and still be set.

The brasserie-style eatery seamlessly blends upscale cuisine with a laidback atmosphere, including a charming patio, all of which are totally our cup of Tito’s. The diverse brunch menu features everything from seafood towers and raw oysters to unique egg dishes and a nice selection of tasty sandwiches (the lobster club being our fave).

What we weren’t expecting, however, was just how insanely perfect the pastries are. The bakers make their own donuts, English muffins, baguettes and sticky buns for those morning carb cravings, as well as easily the best almond croissant we’ve eaten outside of Paris. (Possibly even better than the croissants we had in Paris to be completely honest.)

Brunch booze offerings include the usual mimosas and Bloody Marys, but also an excellent sangria and fun riff on an Aperol spritz, plus a well-appointed beer, wine and bubbly list.

Best of all, if you prefer your eggs come from a fish instead of a chicken, you can indulge in $50-$130 caviar by the ounce. Throw it on some freshly baked bread and you have one kick-ass McMuffin.

Up On Knox Weekend Brunch
Saturday and Sunday

9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
3230 Knox Street, Suite 140, Dallas

Images: Shutterstock.com, Up On Knox



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