Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Hay, Girl!

Why buy the cowboy when you can milk him for free?

Or dance with him for a dollar?

Yepperoo, buckaroos, it’s time once again for our favorite pre-Valentine meat market at The Round-Up Saloon. Terry Bucher Presents: 29th Annual RENT-A-COWBOY is a night nobody in attendance will soon forget.

For only a buck (or more if you want to help a worthwhile cause), you can dance with the cowboy of your choice. There are $1 raffle tickets, too, with fabulous prizes. There’s also going to be a bake sale so you can binge on brownies between boot-scooting with a babe.

All proceeds benefit R.E.B.A.(Round-Up Employees Benevolent Association) and the evening’s festivities fall under the command of First Lady of the Round-Up, Sassy O’Hara.

So hit the ATM, grab some twenties, walk into the bank and convert them to ones (or go buy a book of stamps from the machine at the post office and get your change back in golden Sacagawea coins). Then head to the Round-Up this Thursday night and rent yourself a man.

Rent-to-own if you’re lucky.

Terry Bucher presents: 29th Annual RENT-A-COWBOY
Thursday, February 8

8:00 p.m.
The Round-Up Saloon & Dance Hall
3912 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas




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