The Big O For The Big V


Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is the cheesiest of holidays. Even more so than actual National Cheese Day on June 4.

Yet somehow, every year, most of us feel compelled to do something special in the name of flying babies carrying weapons. Often that equates to chocolates, roses or turning the bedroom into an all-you-can-eat nacho bar (hint, hint).

But really, the day is all about romance. And love. And SEX.

So send a hint to your longtime plus-one (or really push the boundaries on that Grindr date) with a UR Pleasure gift box from Ella ParadisWe get pitched a lot of these types of things this time of year, but this is the first time ever we’ve been sent a box designed exclusively for same-sex couples. There’s a Her & Her box for the lesbians and a Him & Him for us guys.

Because we know little about female sex toys, and even less about the actual lady parts they work with, we’ll focus on the Him & Him.

The nicely appointed box (pictured) includes a Sono for a little backdoor bonanza, plus a Funzone sleeve for each of you, massage oil, a candle, some condoms, lube and C-rings, plus a little feather on a stick in case you want to tickle him (or do a little light dusting around the nightstand).

It’s a fun package of delights that will make your V-Day anything but vanilla.

Unless that happens to be the flavor of lube they send.

Him & Him UR Pleasure Pack
$89 ($140 Value)



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