Brunch Of The Week: Add Some Spice To Your Weekend


Last Sunday morning, we were in Mexico. Actual Mexico.

Yet by noon the same day, we were walking into Jalisco Norte in Dallas because we somehow didn’t have enough Mexican food during our long weekend down south.

And you know what? The Mexican food at this chic restaurant on Oak Lawn was better than any of the food we had in the homeland.

That’s because brunch here is pretty special. And pretty spicy—in a really good way.

Our threesome started off with a variety of brunch cocktails, including the Norte Bloody (fair warning, it’s a chunky sipper, but well seasoned), a Norte Sparkling Palomita (a fizzy version of a Paloma) and a grapefruit cinnamon soda from the “Mocktail” section of the menu (though we added vodka). We passed our drinks around like a twink at a pool party and enjoyed every slurp. Even the mimosas are special thanks to individual bottles of bubbly with each round.

But the food is really where things get exciting.

Our favorite dish of all is the Build Your Own Chilaquiles (pictured above), where you get to mix and match ingredients, starting with crispy tortilla chips tossed in one of four different sauces, plus one of four types of egg preparations and a long list of proteins ranging from bacon and chorizo to shrimp, steak and lobster.

Other items we haven’t seen in town are the Huevos Motuleños (tostadas topped with fried eggs, refried beans, tomato sauce, green peas, ham and plantains) and buttermilk corn pancakes for those who like a little sweetness at brunch. We also opted for an order of Huevos Mexicanos just so we could get a couple orders of housemade tortillas to roll our own tacos.

The dining room and treehouse were crowded and had a really nice energy, plus there were handsome gays everywhere.

And not just at our table for once.

Jalisco Norte Weekend Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
3858 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 470, Dallas

Food/drink images courtesy Jalisco Norte



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