Diva Dance-Off


Whitney. Madonna. Cyndi. Janet. That Newton-John chick.

Get ready for the biggest divas of the ’80s, the music that made them famous—and a dance floor ready and waiting.

Tomorrow night, Alamo Drafhouse presents one of their wildly entertaining interactive events: Ladies of the ’80s Video Dance PartyComplete with props (including nearly 100 luftballoons and some naked men falling from the ceiling to the beats of one of our favorite-ever songs from The Weather Girls), there’s plenty to keep short attention spans in check.

If you’ve never attended one of Alamo’s dance parties, they’re pretty damn fun. And usually pretty damn gay.

Watch this before making your decision:

If that’s not inspiration enough to get off of the house, we may just need to stage an intervention.

Ladies of the ’80s Video Dance Party
Thursday, January 25

7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Tickets: $12.99
Alamo Drafthouse Richardson
100 South Central Expressway #14, Richardson

Photo: drafthouse.com



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