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Now that’s a crossword puzzle we’d like to wake up to on a Sunday morning.

Especially if it’s like the one in The New York Times and it gets harder as the week progresses.

Personally, we never sleep in pajamas. Or anything for that matter. Makes us feel way too claustrophobic. But when BedHead Pajamas sent us a set of men’s PJs to test out, we immediately became converts to a glorious new world of stretchy tops and loose bottoms. 

We still don’t wear them to bed, but we love putting them on after a short day at work (or instead of work) and plopping on the sofa to watch a couple hours of television.

They’re warm and the 5% spandex makes the other 95% cotton fabric feel soft, supple and decidedly modern. You can also opt for 100% cotton or 100% cotton flannel if you don’t like spandex for some reason.

Plus, we love all the fun prints, from Ski Village and Dignified Dogs to classic looks, including Murray Plaid Flannel and Magic Carpet Ride.

Better still, several styles are now on sale, so you can check them out at a nice savings. Order a pair then call us so we can schedule a slumber party.

Or a Quick Undress Contest if we’re each other’s types.

BedHead Pajamas by Renee Claire
Full line $24 to $156
Word Play Stretch Classic PJ Set as Shown: $148
Sale items: $38 to $99



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