Kickin’ It Auld-School


Trying something different is soooo 2018.

But if you want to ring in the New Year in the gayborhood, it’s really just a matter of picking your favorite bar and bringing all your friends.

Because they’re all offering pretty much the same thing: a “champagne” toast at midnight and a cash drop at some point in the evening. Why complicate things? It’s all about who you’re with when it comes right down to it. (And maybe how short the lines are at the bar.)

So whether you prefer Sue Ellen’s, JR’s, TMC, S4, The Round-Up or Woody’s, all the big bars on the strip are serving up pretty much the same thing.

Not that there’s anything wrong with¬†that.

NYE 2017 on the Strip

Happy Holidays to everyone! We will return with new content on Tuesday, January 2. 



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