Brunch Of The Week: Dancing In The Street’s


Which came first, the chicken or the Bloody Mary?

If you’re at Street’s Fine Chicken for the gayborhood eatery’s newly launched brunch, we can pretty much guarantee the cocktails will hit the table before the poultry, thus ending the long-running debate.

We kicked off our Sunday Funday shenanigans this past weekend at the popular Cedar Springs chicken restaurant and fell in love with the down-home brunch dishes that riff nicely on their regular lunch and dinner menu (see several photos at the end of the story).

Instead of a huge list of new items, the owners have chosen to focus on a handful of sure-to-be hits so that they can still deliver the same quality experience they do the rest of the week. We go often for their fried chicken and chicken fried steak, so we couldn’t wait to soak up Saturday night’s libations with some biscuits and deep-fried goodness.

Among the selections are $3 mimosas, $5 Bloody Marys, as well cocktails from their regular drink menu, including brunch-friendly frosés available with toppers of tequila or vodka for extra kick. As for the entrées, everything’s 10 bucks, which makes things a little more affordable than many spots around town.

We’ll definitely be back because we can’t stop thinking about the breakfast burrito stuffed with fried chicken, scrambled egg and pimento cheese fritters.

Or the guy at the bar who looked lovingly our direction as we shoved the 10-incher into our mouth like a pro.

Street’s Fine Chicken
Saturday & Sunday Brunch
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
3857 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas

Bloody Marys with hand-stuffed olives are only $5 during brunch.

The Show Bird features buttered Texas toast, a fried chicken breast, jalapeño gravy, sweet potato strings and a fried egg. It’s on the regular menu, but perfect for brunch.

Chicken and waffles features a homemade waffle with a brined and fried chicken breast, plus sides of gravy and smoked maple syrup.

The new chocolate mousse dessert is great, but we opted instead for a couple rounds of frosés with tequila floaters.

Food Photos by Steven Lindsey



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