Brunch Of The Week: Starts With Sass


Probably everyone reading this has eaten cold pizza for breakfast.

But hot pizza for brunch? Waaaay better. And so much more adult.

One of our favorite restaurants to open in 2017 is Sassetta in the Dallas Design District, so we grabbed a few friends this past weekend to try out the brunch menu and knock back a few bottles of bubbly before the whole thing was said and done.

And as we expected, the meal was superb and everyone in our party visiting the Italian joint for the first time claimed to have a new favorite restaurant, too.

The brunch section of the menu features only a handful of items, including a soft and fluffy frittata, an egg white sandwich and smoked salmon on a bagel, but each satisfies in different and enjoyable ways. We ordered them all and scarfed down every morsel between sips of Prosecco.

However, we still found one particular pizza to be the big winner at the table. Topped with Taleggio, parmesan, black pepper, and burnt honey, this simple pie makes us do a seated yummy dance from first bite to last.

Let’s just say, every time we’ve had pizza at Sassetta, there are never any leftovers. So cold pizza will never cast a shadow on our hungry lips ever again.


1617 Hi Line Drive, Suite 390, Dallas

Photo: sassetta-dallas.com



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