Brunch Of The Week: We’re Here, We Cheer


Often we go to brunch because we’re hungover from the night before.

Other times, brunch makes us hungover the next day.

And then sometimes, it’s both.

Fortunately, East Dallas hotspot The Lounge Here kicked off Sunday brunch last month and the glorious, retro, mostly windowless space is just as dark in the daytime as it is after sunset. Perfect for soothing a day-after headache.

The food does a great job, too.

Start with a dozen donut holes from neighbor Hypnotic Donuts across the street. They’re fruit-adjacent, so they’re healthy. Right?Then work your way through the short list of brunch dishes. Chicken fried ribeye with duck fat gravy and eggs can’t be beat. But we often go here for our chicken-fried needs at dinner, so we wanted to try something different. Something that would really soak up the booze with lots of carby-carbs.

That’s where the Smothered Breakfast Potatoes (pictured above) come in. Your friendly neighborhood potato chunks get covered in a five-cheese sauce (four cheeses are never enough), with bacon, grilled jalapeños, chives and eggs as you like them.

They also serve up an egg white frittata for something truly healthy, as well as a not-healthy-at-all-but-totally-kick-ass burger with fries.

To drink, The Lounge Here has made a name for itself in its 14-ish months in business for some pretty amazing libations, so feel free to check out something more complex like the bourbon milk punch or a good ol’ Corpse Reviver #2.

As for us, we opted for a bottle of prosecco and a side of OJ to create our own mimosas. Thankfully, The Lounge Here is free of that Wycliff sparkling crap too many restaurants serve, so even with a $6-per-glass mimosa you can’t go wrong. Except that you’ll have to keep ordering refills.

And that’s majorly wrong.

Photos by Steven Lindsey




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