Fave Five: Holiday Boozing Edition


We haven’t done a Fave Five in a while because, well, clearly we’ve been drinking. But it’s ok, it’s all for work.

As we head into the holiday season, we thought it would be great to show off some of our favorite boozy finds from the past couple of months.


Tom of Finland Wines
Damn, we wish our grandmother was alive just to see her face when we ask her to pass a bottle of this wine over a sophisticated holiday dinner. Tom of Finland Wines is a new label that pays tribute to the artwork and legacy of Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920-1991), one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century. The first vintage is available exclusively on the web site for $24. It doesn’t officially debut in the United States until December, but you can get your leather-cuffed hands on a bottle now. 


V-One Vodka with Bottle Jackets
We think of our liquors as our children, so like any good parent, we don’t want any of them to catch pneumonia and die this winter. Fortunately, for the past four years V-One Vodka has been issuing limited edition jackets for their Polish vodka bottles. The latest design (above left) can be found in select stores where V-One Vodka is sold. But don’t worry, it’s still ok to stick it in the freezer, pneumonia be damned.


Heeet Vodka
Few things on this planet make us cringe more than Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. Especially as a shot. But for some reason when you add cinnamon to voddy, we love it. Just in time for the holidays, add Heeet Vodka to any seasonal drink from hot cocoa to apple cider and the 6x distilled spirit will certainly lift yours.


Tequila Ciudad
We just saw Santa interviewed on TMZ and he made a huge confession: He’s tired of milk and cookies. When asked what he’d prefer instead, he didn’t miss a beat. “Margaritas and guacamole.” So treat the big guy (and yourself) to one of the best tequilas we’ve had in years. The crisp, aromatic Tequila Ciudad Blanco is the perfect addition to margaritas because of its more subtle flavor when compared to the aged varieties, including their Reposado and Añejo. Those, we prefer to sip on the rocks. And we’re assuming Santa does, too.


Never Too Hungover
After all this boozy banter, we’re feeling a little tipsy. But not smashed with a raging headache. That’s because we’ve discovered another hangover remedy that we’ve happily added to our arsenal. Never Too Hungover features both a Prevention formula to take before or during drinking and Boost, which will help bring you back to life the day after. The great-tasting shots are packed with vitamins and, in the case of Boost, caffeine. In a season when we all tend to over-indulge time and again, this is a real gift.







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