Alabama (Again)


Have you seen those irritating commercials for that home décor website in which ordinary people order some stuff online, get very pleased with themselves and then do a mic drop with their cellphones? They then proceed to do their happy dance (badly), and all I can think is that they just killed their phones because they got a good deal on a dinette set.

I don’t break things intentionally. Not when I’m happy; not even when I’m angry. As much as I may have wanted to throw the alarm clock across the room, I’ve never done it—which is why it’s the same one I’ve had since Karl gave it to me for Christmas in 1982. Seriously. It still works, so why get a new one?

It may be that I find this commercial so irritating because I see it wedged in during the breaks of cable news programs, which are enough to give me the itch on their own. It’s not that good kind of itch when I think about where the Mueller investigation may be going. More indictments, more charges? Yes, please, more.

No, it’s the booby-crawler itch one gets when it’s another story about Roy Moore. (Excuse me, I’ve got to go get some calamine lotion.) The very prospect that this man may be the next person to join the United States Senate makes me slightly nauseous. And that was true even before the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

Sitting on my sofa while taking in the story of Beverly Young Nelson, I find myself weighing what she is saying against what I’ve heard from so many other women about sexual misconduct that they have experienced. I wonder how many women on countless sofas across the country are remembering what they went through. How many memories have been dredged up as a result of these allegations against Moore?

Don’t we all wonder what we would do in a similar situation? And regardless of the criminality of what happened, would you come forward with your story to try to prevent that man from achieving even greater power over the lives of others? Would I?

As we have seen, these incidents—and in some cases, crimes—are not the domain of the left or the right, of Democrats or Republicans. They are not even restricted to heterosexuals.

There are those who dismiss these stories saying the accusers are just seeking fame or some money. That position says more about the person taking it than it does about the person making the allegations.
The Alabama special election isn’t until December 12, and that’s a political eternity these days. For the much maligned state with its long history of being rather backward, there is an opportunity to say “Enough is enough.” To lead rather than to be dragged. Because on that day, we won’t be looking to Joe DiMaggio. It will be Alabama upon whom “a nation turns its lonely eyes.”

So I hope for some ordinary people in Alabama that their moral compasses didn’t slip out of their pockets and smash on the floor when they were bending over to pick up those broken cellphones.

Woo woo woo.



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