It’s Us AND “them”


Ready or not, here they come—out.

There’s a new publication in cyberspace and it’s a great one (even though we’re not fans of lowercase proper names). But anyway.

them is a new LGBTQ online platform from Condé Nast, one of the most respected media companies on the planet. With a promise to be an all-inclusive space for everyone, the publication presents one inspirational, relatable story after another.

The site’s debut centers around the theme of bullying, which we’re pretty sure everyone reading this sentence right now has experienced. But it’s wonderful to see some of the positive ways the bullied are responding to online trolls and other oppressors.

Big-name corporations are behind the launch, too, including Burberry, Google, Lyft and GLAAD, so make sure to support those who support us. And bookmark this site for more great stories to come.

Now more than ever, we need them. Because we are them.

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Image: Lia Clay/them.us



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