Wham! Bam! Thank You, George.


Gone too soon.

Those are three of the saddest words in the English language when strung together in that order.

We’ve lost a lot of great artists in the last few years, but one that hit us especially hard was the passing of George Michael. The Wham! glory days were peaking just as we were exploring our sexuality, mainly manifesting in daydreams based on who we stared at most in MTV music videos.

The handsome, clearly gay (at least we hoped) singer stirred something deep inside us, making parts of our body wake up long before we knew how to make them go-go.

Tonight, Showtime debuts a bittersweet documentary, George Michael: Freedom, that was filmed before he died. It’s a little unsettling that he narrates the film, but how lucky we are to have his complete blessing, participation and insight into his tumultuous life, loves and epic career. After all, most artists don’t get a say in how their legacy is portrayed after they die.

Luckily, George got the last careless whisper.

George Michael: Freedom
Premieres tonight on all Showtime platforms





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