Pink Traveler: South By South Beach


Summer may be officially over, but don’t put away your swimsuit just yet.

As LGBT Americans, we feel it’s our duty to support businesses that support us. We also believe it’s important after a natural disaster to support tourism to the cities affected.

With a visit to The Gates Hotel South Beach, we can accomplish both.

Miami’s South Beach area is back in business after a run-in with Hurricane Irma earlier this month and this property’s now on our radar thanks to a new LGBT tourism initiative.

With the release of The Gates Hotel Pride Guide, the hotel has announced a new LGBTQ concierge service that offers recommendations and personalized itineraries that include gay nightlife, restaurants, shopping and attractions in the area.

Room rates start at just $139 per night, so it can be an affordable getaway that could include breakfast at Front Porch Cafe, followed by a visit to the World Erotic Art Museum, then a night of relinquishing dollar bills to strippers at Club Boi. Or maybe you prefer to spend a day at the gay beach. Or the nude beach.

Or all of the above.

The world—or at least South Beach—is your oyster.

Your big, gay oyster.

Gates Hotel South Beach



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