Underwear Of The Month: Papi Art


We’ve had Latin Fever our entire lives. It’s what happens when growing up in a town on the Mexican border.

Of course, our symptoms get more severe when we actually visit Mexico, which we’ve been fortunate enough to do three times this summer.

On our last vacation, while changing in the men’s locker room after a spa treatment, we noticed something bright and colorful out of the corner of our eye. And being in a men’s locker room, of course, we had to look. You know, in case it was a piñata.

Much to our delight, a fellow spa patron was changing out of his clothes and into a robe. But before he stripped naked, we took a moment to mentally soak in the underwear he was sporting. Filled with wild patterns, the boxer briefs were as fun as they were sexy. And it only took us a nanosecond to recognize the logo: Papi.

As soon as we got back to the states, we ordered some online and like other Papi products we own, we absolutely love the way they fit—and the way they highlight our below-the-waist positives.

Available in orange, green, blue and red (as well as thongs, which we are not a fan of), the Spring Training line will surely get us through the end of the year without ever feeling the winter blues when we look in the mirror.

Better still, they’re on sale right now for 25% off, plus free shipping and extra discounts if you spend certain amounts.

So, if you want something muy caliente to add to your underwear drawer, we think you’ll find these utterly addictive.

Like we find trips to Mexico.

Papi Spring Training
$14.99 to $16.49 (sale price)

Image: Papi/Facebook



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