Don’t Take Out The Trash-BRING IT BACK!


Last Tuesday was the end of an era.

A deliciously decadent, truly trashy, nearly naked era.

If you happened to miss it, BJ’s NXS shuttered last Thursday, August 24, after one final Trashy Tuesday two days before.

Well, as they promised, Trashy Tuesday is back—and sooner than we could have ever hoped or expected. Tonight (yes, tonight!) this trash gets recycled. That means the male dancers you love, the BJ’s bartenders who know you by name, the drink specials you crave and the fun you can’t live without all have a new home at TMC on Cedar Springs.

So bring out your dollar bills and check your attitude at the door.

Better yet, put it in a 30-gallon Hefty bag and put it out by the curb.

Trashy Tuesday
Weekly until forever (we hope)
Now at The Mining Company (TMC)
3903 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas



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