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Eat Praise Love

Not since they turned the comic strip Garfield into a movie have we been more exciting of a print-to-live-action incarnation.

That’s right, next Friday our beloved Sister Helen Holy jumps off the digital pages of He Said Magazine and into her girdle for a one-righteous-woman show, Sister Helen Holy presents the 701 Club

This evening starts with a traditional potluck church supper before the spirit moves hundreds of sinners to the audience of her “Live Christian Broadcast” where she brings her holier-than-thou perspective to current events. All accompanied by the tickled-ivory stylings of Elenor Roseafelt.

After the show, join SHH for dessert and coffee while singing her praises.

We promise* you’ll love every minute.

All we know is every time we see her preach, the spirit moves us. Sometimes in the form of peeing our pants from laughter, but we’re pretty sure that’s somewhere in the Bible after one of those locust things.

Sister Helen Holy presents the 701 Club
Friday, August 25
7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Tickets: $25 (performance only) to $100 (VIP, which includes pre-show dinner and post-show dessert reception)
Cathedral of Hope
5910 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas

*Promises mentioned herein only valid in the United States if you agree with us. 



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