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As our dreams of moving to Canada have been upgraded from a monthly occurrence to an hourly one, we have another reason besides Justin Trudeau to love our neighbor to the north.

Now we can add The Switch to an illustrious list that may or may not contain several variations on poutine.

Today, the world’s first half-hour sitcom with a predominantly transgender cast debuts on U.S. video-on-demand platforms. The six-episode series features one unique character after another, from text-message dominatrixes to eco-terrorist roommates. Throw in multiple life-changing obstacles that would be devastatingly dramatic under most circumstances and you have a comedy ripe with conflicts that’ll make you chuckle instead of cry.

Better still, downloading this groundbreaking show will help ensure a second season.

And another reason for us to make a switch of our own.

The Switch
Premieres today on VOD

Available on Amazon, Vimeo, Revry, iTunes and Google Play



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