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Pink Traveler: Road Trip To Pride

Dallas Pride kicks off in a little over a month.

But if you simply can’t wait for the new, two-day Pride festival and parade, we have a capital idea: Road trip to Austin! Head down to Austin Pride this weekend, next weekend or heck, take off the entire week.

It’s going to be nothing short of epic.

Just check out the preview below if you haven’t already seen it ALL OVER YOUR FRIENDS’ social media feeds.

Big-name entertainers, huge parties and a nighttime parade (PLEASE, Dallas Pride organizers, let’s try a nighttime parade!) all add up to one incredible weekend.

Check out the digital version of their PRIDE Guide. And make sure to snag tickets to the events that require them.

We always say it’s fun to visit other cities during their Pride celebrations, so trust us when we say you’ll love this one.As long as Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott or Dan Patrick don’t show their faces.

Nothing to be proud of where they’re concerned.

Austin Pride
August 18-26



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