These Ladies Doth Protest Too Much


Long before RuPaul paraded around men in women’s clothes, Shakespeare was doing the very same thing.

The actors in his plays were probably some of the most popular cross dressers of the 1500s. Wonder if they also toured the country after their seasons were over trying to milk their 15 minutes of fame.

Something to ponder.

Well, starting tonight, the Shakespearean tables are turned. In Women Playing Hamlet, five XX-chromosomed actors play the roles of multiple characters in a version of the famous play within this play about an actress who must choose between playing Hamlet or heading to Hollywood for a soap opera gig. Along the way, she deals with a mean acting coach, gets unwanted advice from Starbucks baristas and somehow manages to piss off Patrick Stewart.

It all takes place at the only bath house you can tell your mom you’re visiting: the Bath House Cultural Center on White Rock Lake.

Now the only question is: To be there? Or not to be there?

We recommend the former.

Women Playing Hamlet
Tonight through August 26

Tickets: $15 to $25
Bath House Cultural Center
521 East Lawther Drive, Dallas



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