Brunch Of The Month: Eggs & Gays For Days


There’s an easy way to tell if an ethnic restaurant is good. If it’s packed with people from the cuisine’s country of origin, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re about to have an authentic experience.

Works the same for brunch. If you walk into an eatery full of gays at noon on a Sunday, you’re good to go.

That was the exact scene last weekend when we went to Nazca Kitchen in West Village. Gays everywhere! Flocks of them, in fact. Laughing. Knocking back $3 mimosas and $5 Bloody Marys. And looking damn good in their V-neck tees.

The place was packed, so make your reservation for this weekend as soon as you finish this story.

But first, here’s what to order. Any time you visit the South American hot spot, start with the empanadas (one beef, one chicken). They’re among the best we’ve ever had. Ever.

Then peruse the brunch menu, which is packed with morning pleasures, including egg wraps, açai bowls with legit açai berries from Brazil, and a great version of steak and eggs.

Or for a true taste adventure, try the breakfast sampler. The massive plate includes an aji chicken pupusa, a full chorizo link served on a corn husk with caramelized onions, scrambled eggs, black beans and roasted potatoes. We found the $5 brunch margarita to be an ideal pairing.

Even though the ideal pairing we’d prefer is with the bearded hunk in the blue shirt one table over.

Maybe this weekend.

Nazca Kitchen – West Village
Weekend Brunch
Saturday & Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
3700 McKinney Avenue, Suite 140 (near Public School 214)







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