Marshal Law


Dallas Pride is just around the corner!

OK, so it’s more down the road, up a hill, past a tree then around the corner, but still. It’s close.

How do we know? Because voting is officially underway for this year’s duo of Grand Marshals to lead this year’s Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade.

Click on the image of the candidates to read the bios for each of these talented individuals. Then cast your vote for two people among Jalenzski Brown, LeeAnne Locken,   

You can only vote once, so make it count.

Results will be posted on Friday, August 11 at dallaspride.org and on dallasvoice.com.

Until then, we hope they all practice their royalty waves and how to sit on the back of a convertible—skills that should never be taken for granted.

2017 Grand Marshal Voting
Now through August 4



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