Underwear Of The Month: Vouch For The Pouch


We haven’t had a crush on a Seavers since Mike in the 1980s on Growing Pains.

Fortunately, he turned out to be a religious wacko and our lust was extinguished completely.

Well, now there’s a new Sievers on the scene and he’s way sexier than Kirk Cameron ever was. Plus, the name is spelled differently so we don’t have to worry about any confusion should they both pop up in an erotic spelling-bee dream for some reason.

Anyway, say hello to the John Sievers collection at International Jock, a super-stretchy line of lightweight microfiber briefs, boxer briefs and swimwear that features a special “natural pouch” that conforms to actual male anatomy.

I think we’ve all experienced underwear pouches before that end up making our junk look like something from outer space. And nobody wants to pull a pair of skivvies off Yoda.

These are different in the best possible way. The soft microfiber offers the feeling of being naked while the anatomically correct design gently lifts your frank and beans and pushes everything forward slightly for an enhanced look that doesn’t look weird.

Unless, of course, you’re too big for the pouch.

In which case we have no sympathy at all.

John Sievers at International Jock
Starting at $24.95

Photos: internationaljock.com



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