Bat Gay, Broadway & Birthday


As we gather our hearts in prayer this week, I pray that you will join me in considering these thoughts.

Bat Gay. We’ve lost another one. Brother Adam West passed from this life last week at the age of 88. Regardless of the number of roles he may have had later in life, he will always be known for his two season run at the caped crusader, Batman, in the mid-60s. Clearly, one of the first coded sodomite programs for prime time. All the bright colors. The costumes. The parade of pre-Love Boat guest stars. Not to mention the basic premise. Bruce Wayne, a wealthy, handsome man lives in a glorious home with an older queen named Alfred, a little old lady and his friend whom he calls “Young Dick.” And, when things get exciting, he and Young Dick descend to a subterranean dungeon for mutual play then run around town in tights. Disgusting.

Broadway. I often find it necessary to view television programs which I might not normally see in order to keep abreast of the filth on our daily airwaves. Such was the case when I suffered through the Tony Awards telecast this past Sunday night. What a blatant display of homosecular filth and liberal pandering. Nancy boys squealing with delight over their spinning trophies, painted up theatrical harlots feigning surprise and delight, and all of it under the hosting duties of Hollywood’s worst kept sodomite secret, Kevin Spacey. Honestly, if Brother Kevin would embrace his true identity, he might have been actually entertaining. (I have to give it to the gays, they DO know how to host a circus!) Finally, that Jewish girl, Beth Miller, had to get up and harangue about smoke in her posterior, thanking everyone EXCEPT her family and then telling the symphonic timer to “cut that crap out”. At this point, I’m looking forward to a nice calm rerun of SVU. DUN DUN!

Birthday. If Beth Miller can get all self-indulgent on the Tony Awards, I shall offer my own personal harangue here as well. My birthday is this week. I am grateful to have another year to bring spiritual sustenance to the masses. And if the Lord leads you to honor my special day in some form or fashion, I pray that you will follow His direction. In the meantime, I shall be giving thanks that Kevin Spacey will not be singing Happy Birthday to me while I’m busy viewing YouTube reruns of Adam West and Tallulah Bankhead. POW!



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