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Walking down the aisle to exchange rings used to be a fairy tale for gay men like us.

But not the happy-ending type of fairy tale, an actual work of fiction.

Now that same-sex marriage is legal, it’s important to have an expert help with the ins and outs of planning an LGBT wedding.

Today, author Kirsten Palladino‘s new book, Equally Wed, comes out. And with it, everything you could ever need to know about putting on the biggest production wedding ever. Or the most intimate. Her website has an amazing amount of up-to-the-minute info, current trends and inside looks at fantastic LGBT weddings from around the world.

From dealing with homophobia in the extended family to how to work with wedding vendors of all types, it’s a fun read filled with valuable information.

Plus, you can win a copy just by saying “I Do!” to our giveaway below.

Then when it’s time for you or a loved one to finally tie that big ol’ not, you’ll be so prepared almost nothing will be left to chance.

Who shoves the cake in whose face first, well, that should be spontaneous.

Equally Wed
Out May 30

$11.99 (Kindle); $12.23 (Paperback) at amazon.com



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